Collection of Different Natural Jewel Stones.

All about colored diamonds business and investment

Will investing in colored diamonds have a profitable future? Diamond investment is one of the most fascinating choices for the people having liquidity in finance and fund in their bank and eyeing to turn that into some good profitable portions. One can visit diamond auctions to find out for which design or color do people pay more or tend to […]

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Brilliant Cut Diamond Held By Tweezers.

The top three trends in the shaping industry of diamond

The help of technology labs and digital technology in the diamond industry 2019 was a huge success for the lab grows diamond which is the artificial alternatives of the diamond making them the completely new and better versions of the traditional ones. The companies selling lab diamonds are thankful to the millennial taste due to their impeccable love to such […]

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Pair of Beautiful Diamond Earrings Isolated on Blue Background.

The eye-catchy jewelry trends that can rock 2020 markets

The statement earring will glow out loud among interests in 2020 Fashion and jewelry have brought in various amazing trends every year with an increase in the help of designers and technicians. Just like past 2019 was a booming year for the jewelry market all across the world and the same is to be hoped from 2020 too. A set […]

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Woman Holding Her Boy Friend's Hand Wearing Elegant Diamond Ring.

Some of the popular engagement ring trends of 2019

The new classy designs that can add beauty to engagement rings The brides of these days need something special or unique to make them look diverse on their engagement. People having one such mentality are at the right place as we have got some of the best designs and settings that every bride would like to optimize on their bridal […]

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Closeup Diamond Ring Jewelry On White Background.

The diamond jewelry trends of 2019

The tradition of diamond jewelry Victorian designs One can never hurdle up diamond jewelry when talking about jewelry and specifically the beauty. The diamond jewelry can adorn a special look on evening party gown or the tops for the kitty parties making all the invitees amazed with its eye-popping blitz and beauty. Let us bump into some of the latest […]

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