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Indian Jewellery Trends

Indian Jewellery Market Trend

The Indian jewellery market trend is evolving. Jewellery has been a part of ancient India and there is a growing interest in heritage, temple and semi precious jewellery even today. The trends keep fluctuating every year. Jewellery designers by large create new jewellery trends that make use of big diamonds, corals, pearls and more. Buyers have become more responsible and opt for brands that make luxury jewellery pieces from ethical sources. There are a lot of buyers for fancy cuts, lightweight diamond jewellery and daily wear simple gold ornaments.

New Designs Patterns

The focus is now on adding more colors to the jewellery. Stones like opals, turquoise and coral will reign the jewellery circuit in the upcoming years. Enamels will also be in vogue. Edgy and strong motifs of tribal jewellery are combined with traditional Indian designs. Jewellery pieces are now used in luxury footwear and clutches. The concept of big fat Indian weddings has spiralled the use of heavy motifs and jewel studded accessories. Multi row necklace sets with polkis embedded with gemstones will never leave the fashion scenario. When it comes to marriages and for occasional festive wear opulence is the choice. It is beautiful and attractive.

Multi coloured gem sets are the preferred style and this will remain the same for the coming years. Customers are increasingly young and daring who do not shy away from experimenting with colors and motifs to get a unique piece of jewellery. People love to make a lasting impression with statement jewellery pieces. One artistic earring piece will suffice to make a bold statement.

Minimalism And Light Weight Jewellery

There is a section of people who believe that minimalism has its own appeal. Aesthetics and consumer taste is rapidly evolving and has paved the way for new designer brands. Preference for lightweight jewellery is on the increase. It is a challenging concept to create cost effective designs that are minimalist and yet traditional. Modern jewellery designs can be used as daily wear and for occasions. People prefer lightweight, multi functional jewelleries made out of enamel and diamonds. It has caught the fancy of young and old alike. Choices keep varying but nothing can take the charm of solid, rough cut gemstone embedded jewelleries. Floral motifs and natural color palette are going to be popular. Luxuriant and colorful jewellery pieces are reinstated in modern avatars to suit the taste of the new generation.

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