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Understanding the colour grade scale of diamond: A diamond buying guide

A Vector Shaped Diamond Shines That Isolated On A Blue Background.

Why is the understanding of a diamond’s colour an essential factor for buying the right diamond? Well, the colour of a diamond refers to how clear or yellow it is. The colourless diamonds are the ones with high quality, whereas the diamonds with a slight yellow tint has quality comparatively lower. Diamond colours are measured in the range of D through Z in a scale devised by the GIA, with D the most colourless and Z, the one having a tint of yellow colour in it.

Why does colour play an important role in determining the price of the diamond?

Diamond is typically priced depending upon the color of the diamond. D grade being colourless is priced high, and the Z is the least priced. Certain distinctively coloured diamonds such as blue, pink and yellow are also prized pieces. The presence of slight colouring in the diamonds, less light is reflected. Thus, making the diamond look dull. Hence, the more colourless a diamond is, the more radiant, valuable and rare it is.

Colour guide

Following is the colour guide and the value of each grade range. The price of diamonds declines with the increasing alphabetical order.

D-F colour diamonds

These colourless varieties which are rare and have a pure glassy look

G-H and I-J colour diamonds

These are near-transparent varieties and have no distinctive colours. It also has great value for the quality.

K Color diamonds

These diamonds have faint colour and pairs beautifully with yellow gold. They are a great budget-friendly pick.

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Which diamond suits you the best?

Are you still confused of buying the right diamond then please go through the factors given below


The D grade diamond that is colourless is the most expensive of the lot. They are also the rarest. If the budget suits you purchase the D or E colour grade diamonds, while most of the customers also prefer near-colourless variety and make most of their budget. The decision of spending on colour grade depends upon your requirement of size and shape. You can set the colour preference the lowest and spend more on the Cut precision of the diamonds.


The colour is determined by the size of the diamond too. If you are going to purchase a diamond under 1 Carat, then the grades I, J or K is enough. But for larger diamonds, H or grades less than H are more preferred.

Shape and setting

Fancy shaped diamonds can also hide colours. Round cut diamonds expose the actual colour. Even the colour of the metals, the diamond is mounted on, complements the yellow shade diamonds, while platinum suits colourless diamonds.

Hope this article serves as the perfect diamond buying guide.

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