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Tips On Measuring Diamond Weight

Close-up View Of Specialist Measures The Weight Of Gems.

Diamonds are the most popular precious stone loved by people all over the world. Measuring the right weight of a diamond is important as it is an expensive stone. Diamonds are usually measured in terms of a carat. It is true that as the carat weight increases the price of the diamond also increases. There are several confusions among diamond buyers in measuring the weight and size of a diamond. Know how to check diamond weight so that it is possible to purchase the right weight of a diamond.

Diamond Carat Size And Its Equivalent Weight

One carat is equal to 0.2 grams. Carat is totally different from karat which refers to the purity of gold. It is important to know that two equal carat weight diamond can vary in their cost. The price of a particular carat weight mainly depends on various factors namely cut, colour and clarity.

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Measuring Weight By The Size Of Diamonds

It is possible to calculate the weight of a diamond by just measuring the size of the diamond. It gives an approximate weight of a diamond. There are different conversion tables showing the estimated carat weight of diamonds based on its size. The round cut diamond weight can be estimated by just measuring its diameter. The formula used for the carat weight calculation is carat weight= DiameterxDiameterx depth x 0.06. The diameter and depth of a diamond can be measured which is used to estimate the weight of the diamond. The resulting carat weight is only an approximation. There are standard conversion tables from millimetres to carats based on the type of diamond cuts. This includes round cut diamond, princess cut diamond and Asscher cut diamond.

Comparison Of Diamond Carat Size

Diamonds of equal carat weight may differ in size based on its shape. The size of the diamond does not increase exponentially based on the weight of the diamond. The following chart rightly depicts the relationship between weight and size.

Carat Weight 1.00 2.00 3.00
Diameter in mm 6.50 8.20 9.40
Crown in mm2 33.2 52.8 69.4

The above measurement tips on carat calculation tips would help diamond buyers to purchase the precise size and weight of a diamond.

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