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Significant Factors That Influence Diamond Prices

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It is a known fact that diamond is an expensive precious stone. The various properties of the stone determine the value and price of diamonds. Diamond valuation mainly depends on 4 C’s they are cut, clarity, colour and carat weight. There are several other factors to be considered when calculating the worth and price of a diamond. The resale value of a diamond is mainly depended on the boom years. It is important that you schedule the purchase and the sale at the right time. The following helps to calculate diamond prices.

Elements of Diamond That Affect Diamond Prices

The following are the factors considered to perform a valuation of diamonds and to decide its price.

Shape: The shape of the diamond plays a key role in deciding its worth. It is said that round-shaped diamonds are the most valuable type of diamonds in the world. Other shapes of diamond namely princess cut, cushions, radiant cut and Asscher are of less worth compared to that of a round-shaped diamond.

Clarity: It is a straight forward factor that influences the rate of the diamond. The clarity of the diamond mainly affects its price. If the diamond looks clear with a naked eye, then the diamond is of good quality. A gemologist can help in assesing the clarity of a diamond.

Size: It is one of the significant factors that decide the price of diamonds. Larger and magic sizes are often valued more.

Fluorescence: It is a property that can be depicted when exposure to ultraviolet rays. It also affects the price of a diamond.

Cut: The cut of a diamond mainly decides its price. Excellent cut, very good and good are the common cut grades of diamonds. An excellent cut is of more worth nearly 15% more cost than that of very good diamond cut grade.

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Grading Of Diamond

There are several authorities that grade the quality of diamonds. Graded diamonds greatly affects its market value. Gemological Institute of America is the foremost authority in grading diamonds.

Treated Diamonds

Diamonds comes with certain imperfections. Treating diamonds can help in correcting their imperfections and enhancing its quality. This can greatly affect its price. Colour and clarity of diamonds can be enhanced as part of increasing its market value.

The above are the key factors that decide the price of diamonds.

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