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Diamond Buying Guide from the Experts

Two Diamonds On Display With Signs That Representing The Diamond Originality.

To buy a diamond ring is not easy for it comes with a heavy price tag. And when you are looking for a bigger and sparkly stone, be ready to shed more from your pocket. This is a nightmare for us budgeters because we cannot afford to spend such a hefty price for a sparkly stone and also we do not want to compromise on its quality and size. We totally are the perfect so-called – Budgeters.

But what if you can make your stone look bigger? And that too without spending more? Yes. You can do it with the help of a few tips and tricks taken from the experts’ diary. Take a look at the following diamond buying guide from the diary of the experts to the budgeters.

Thinner bands emphasis the diamond stone

This is one of the most popular and common tricks that’s being passed down by the experts from ages. It does not matter how big your diamond is, when it is fixed to a small and thinner band, it will automatically make it look bigger. This is what your eye’s trick to your brain. When two objects are placed side by side, our brain immediately starts comparing which leads to the big and small ratio.

Apart from this, make sure you choose a setting that makes your diamond stone slightly stands up. The protruding effect also makes it look bigger and huge.

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Fewer Prongs decreases the diamonds visibility

The diamonds are held in place with the help of prongs. They are the metal claws that make the diamond stand firm in the place. The prongs range from 4, 6, or 8, while 6 and 8 are the most common ones.

More prongs lead to more metal coverage making the diamond visibility less. It also makes the light reflect less and decreases the diamond brilliance.

Shiny metals give tough competition to Diamonds

What happens when two bright sparkled metals are kept side by side? It gives a tough competition to each other. This is the case when you choose a diamond with a metal ring like white gold or platinum. It creates a tough contrast competition and makes both the metals to look like one. It will also make it look similar when seen from far. Therefore, choose a ring that is dull, light and ensure to emphasize the diamond.

Therefore, to make sure your diamond stands out from the crowd, give it the focal point.

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