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Top tips for selecting the best diamond jewellery

A Beautiful Attractive Diamond Necklace & Earring Isolated On A Black Background.

At a time it was a girl’s best friend, and unapproachable, Diamond’s today are equally adored by both men and women. As correctly quoted ‘Diamonds are forever’, these precious diamonds never fall short of adoration. The designer brands have increased the attractiveness of diamonds and also the increasing exposure of the diamond jewellery online has aided to its expanded popularity base.

How to select best diamond?

Extensive marketing has helped brands to establish their credibility in producing luxurious and beautifully crafted jewellery pieces. This puts the customers in a dilemma in determining the best among the lot. Does the brand name justify that diamonds are worthy of buying? Or are there other factors that are detrimental to the diamond’s quality? To answer these questions, let’s go through specific facts that are essential to finding the conclusion

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Factors that decide the quality of a diamond


As mentioned above the brands play a significant role in how to select best diamond. Long trusted premier brands had established their genuineness. So look out for the top brands in the market and if the design matches your need, buy it. The brands have their logos stamped on the jewellery piece.

Diamond Certificates

Grading laboratories certify the authentic pieces with grades such as GIA, EGL, IGI etc. Ensure that a certificate is available for the piece you purchase. The gold, platinum and silver have their hallmarks. So be mindful of the hallmark tags in your jewellery pieces.

Appraising the items

If you are in any doubt about the uniqueness of the jewellery item, you can have the piece appraised. Most of the jewellers make this request for a fee.


Certain classic designs are timeless. It is said that jewellery with traditional designs is more in demand. This can also be considered as a factor to select the best diamond jewellery.


The rarity of the piece is also a significant factor that defines the quality of diamonds.

Some of the significant diamond jewellery brands that are adored by people all over the world are Harry Winston, Tiffany, Le Vian, Carter and Chopard. Remember these brands never fail in quality and are the best diamond products to be bought.

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