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Types of Diamond Cut-A Perfect Buying Guide

Three Types Of Diamond Cuts Isolated On A White Background.

Diamonds are precious stones that are used in the creation of expensive jewellery. The trend of diamonds can be decided with its cuts. Today people prefer vintage cut diamonds than that of modern diamond cuts. Antique shaped diamonds are used in vintage style diamond jewellery. There are several types of diamond cuts that belong to the vintage style. Vintage diamond cuts offer more importance to the carat weight. Understanding the different types of vintage style cuts helps in purchasing traditional The following article would serve as a vintage style diamond buying guide for people who are bored with modern diamond cut styles.

Point Cut Diamonds-Ancient Diamond Cut

This type of diamond belongs to ancient times. It is actually a natural diamond which is kept in its original shape and polished to a point. This made the original octahedral facets to look more symmetrical. This, in turn, enhanced the spark of the pointcut diamonds.

Cushion-Cut Diamonds-Old Mine Brilliants

It is mostly referred to as old mine cut diamonds. This type of vintage style diamonds is square-shaped where the corners are rounded. It is a combination of round cut pattern and old mind facet diamond cut. It looks more like a pillow and thus it is called cushion cut diamonds. This modern diamond cut is popular all over the world. . Thus cushion cut diamond rings are mostly used in engagement functions. It is known for its elegant design and low price.

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French Cut Diamonds- Geometric Shape Diamond Cut

It is one of the ancient facet diamonds but it is familiar even today. In this diamond cut facets weres added to four more corners in the crown area. Its shape looks like ice cubes studded in jewellery. This type of cut can also be seen in various semi-precious stones like Saphire, ruby emerald etc. French cut diamond offers a unique look to the diamond jewellery.

Single Cut Diamonds
It is a traditional diamond cut which possess eight crown and eight pavilion facets. In the earlier days, single cut diamonds were octagonal shaped. Now the facets have been increased and it takes up a round-shaped.

Rose Cut Diamonds
This type of diamond cut evolved in the 16th century. The diamond looked like rosebud bloom. They own triangular facets and are usually circular in shape.

Asscher Cut Diamonds
It is the first diamond to be patented as a signature diamond cut. It is known for its modern look. It is one of the most popular diamond cut ever since its invention.

The idea of various types of diamond cuts would help to choose the right vintage style diamond jewellery.

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