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Pros and Cons of Diamond Cuts

Cushion & Assher Cut Diamonds On Display.

The first picture that comes to mind when the name diamond is mentioned in the classic Round shaped diamond. It sure is the center of world attraction and is also the most loved shaped among the buyers. What most people miss out is the fact that diamonds are not just available in round shape but comes in ten varied shapes.

Quickly take a look at some of the few diamond cuts and diamond shapes along with its pros and cons.

· Round Cut is the most popular cut in the diamond market

This cut is also referred to as the round brilliant. Its popularity is high that almost 75% of diamonds are cut in the round shape. This shape is best known for its light performance.

Pros – Its faceting arrangements and conical shape allow the light to reach the end and back to the top, thereby creating an unmatchable and beautiful sparkle. The round shape is elegant and perfectly suits all settings.

Cons – It is the most expensive of all the cuts. The reason for high costing is due to the fact that diamond gets wasted during this cutting process resulting in high wastage. The wastage is compensated by the consumers.

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· Princess-Cut is the fancy brilliant shape

The next in popularity line is the Princess Cut. They are mostly in square shape but are also available in a rectangular shape. They present a stylish and modern appearance.

Pros – Princess cut is low in expense when compared to other diamonds. It is because of the reason that the cut makes almost 90% of the rough diamond. They look great in all settings and greatly hide all the tints and inclusions.

Cons – The four corners of the diamond make it vulnerable and so the settings must provide protections for the corners.

· Cushion-Cut Diamonds are closely related to Round Cut Diamond

The Cushion Cut diamond gained popularity very soon for it resembled the round and the princess cut. They present a vintage design and are most sought after for the wedding rings.

Pros – It comes in two versions of modern and antique. Since it is a mixture of two popular cuts it presents a unique look.

Cons – It does not hide the tints of color thereby demanding you to buy only the high-quality diamond. Large facets also show the flaws and inclusions in the diamond.

Though there are more styles and diamond cuts, the above three are the most popular ones in the diamond market. So choose your diamond wisely.

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