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Fix gold tarnishing easily at home!

Cleaning Gold Jewelry For Preventing From Gold Tarnishing.

Yes, there is professional help out there to fix gold tarnishing. But that is a procedure that requires you to visit the jeweller and often damage the jewellery in the process. To have the shine without losing the gold layers is a smart idea, and it could be achieved by using some of the simple home supplies with an easy procedure in no time! Gold being a softer metal compared to others, needs to be cared like a child, especially while cleaning. Using gentle cleaning tools and procedures is the way to adopt. This would ensure the shine without hurting the jewellery.

Phase One: Prep A Cleaning Base :

Just a few drops of dishwashing liquid, some warm water and soft cotton cloth are needed to fix gold tarnishing. We need to be very gentle with the process and hence mild soap, slight warm water, clean and dry clothes. This process may be carried out not so frequently, but an interval of a month is pretty safe. More abrasions only mean less life of the jewellery. Take a vessel with warm water and add dishwashing liquid, add the jewellery into this and slowly rub with soft cotton cloth. Rinse again in warm water and use a soft cotton cloth to dry this one.

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Phase Two: Clean It Out Thoroughly:

Once the drying is done, leave it overnight over a dry towel to recover gold tarnishing. Prefer a lint free fabric and avoid paper or wood-based materials, to be minimal on abrasiveness. To speed up the drying, you may set up a fan to blow away the moisture. The biggest culprit in damaging gold is the presence of water, and that is what should be cared against the most to ensure its longevity. Once dried overnight, the jewellery should be wiped with a soft, clean and dry cloth just to be sure that there isn’t any more of water or moisture lingering around.

Phase Three: Long Term Storage And Safekeeping :

Always rub the jewellery in long, straight swipes. Rubbing dry necklace in circles could cause a swirl effect on the gold jewellery. To prevent gold tarnishing, keep the jewellery in a dark and dry place. Since gold is often stored in dark and cool safe spaces, it is always better to have the moisture wiped out at the best possible level. Another suggestion would be to use silica gel packs in your jewellery boxes to absorb away the excess moisture.

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