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Notable places to buy crystals in India

Various Diamond Crystals Displayed On The Jewelry Table.

Top diamond brands to experience purchase in India

One thing about which all of us are sure is the enlighten legacy of the vast Indian empire which has always shared incredible individual bonds with the diamond market. Some of the great rulers of India who were as popular as Maharaja Pratap but were associated with the great history of diamonds. During the ancient period, the Indian kings used the rocks as the eyes of the sculptures. Indians also considered jewel as a property of sacredness and hence even after so many years, Indians are not bored yet to purchase diamonds. Let us overview some of the famous diamond brands in India.

The first and foremost thing every woman going for a diamond purchase has to do is make sure that they are not of the trend. The latest trend in diamond jewellery is women like to go on light diamonds in a compact design. People can get a ring of their desire only from some notable brands in India and hence let us travel to one such.

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Popular diamond brands in India

1. Forever marked by De Beers

The first name for every diamond dweller should be De Beer as it is the oldest company and also the one who started the diamond industry. One can also demand a customized diamond ring from the company based on their engagement requisites. In India, one can fetch the Forever mark either from online websites or from partner collections stores like TBZ and ZAYANSH.


One thing about which we are sure is NAKSHATRA is the largest diamond company in India since the beginning of this century. One can consider this as the sole reason why the brand owners keep advertising the brand on such a large platform. NAKSHATRA is one of the top choices for all the women in India when they are out purchasing diamonds.

3. NIRWANA can never go outdated

The next brand after NAKSHATRA, which is the leading diamond seller in the country is NIRWANA. The brand owners convey that women will never be disappointed when she is out for a diamond hunt in NIRWANA. The brand contains a wide variety of grand pieces for earrings, necklaces, rings with some sound designs

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