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Tradition and Trends Of Gold Jewellery

Bunch of Gold Jewelry On Display.

Gold jewellery is loved by Indian woman over the ages and it has become a part of every women’s life. Gold is a precious metal and owning gold jewels are considered as a symbol of status and pride. Women wear gold jewellery at their wedding as it is considered auspicious. Thus the price of the gold increases day by day with the increase in demand. There is a rich tradition connected with gold jewels. Gold jewellery has won the heart’s of people all over the world compared to other types of jewellery. Gold jewellery tops Indian jewellery trends. Here we would talk about the ancient tradition and current trends of gold jewellery.

The following are some of the ancient gold jewellery which is widely popular even today.

Kundan jewellery

This type of jewels is usually made in gold. It is one of the ancient jewellery forms in India. It is an intricate jewellery art and requires highly skilled labour. The term Kundan means pure gold and thus jewellery are made up of 24 kk pure gold. The tradition of wearing Kundan jewellery came from the royal families that ruled our country in the past.

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Ethnic jewellery

Temple jewellery belongs to an ethnic gold jewellery collection. It is nothing but gold jewellery designed in various forms of Gods and Goddesses. These are traditional types of gold jewellery that gained popularity over the years. It is said that this type of jewellery belongs to the 9th century during the rule of King Chola in Tamil Nadu.

Antique Jewellery

Antique jewellery are usually crafted with antique designs. There are several styles of antique jewellery practised in various states all overIndia. Rajasthan and Gujart are the places with traditional importance on crafting antique jewellery. It requires outstanding and highly skilled craftsmanship to create a perfect looking antique jewellery. Women love to wear matt finish antique gold jewellery even today for their wedding.

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