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A Perfect Guide On Gold Polishing

Close Up Of Repairing Ring By Polishing Motors Tool

Gold is one of the popular precious metal which is used to make beautiful and attractive jewellery. Gold jewellery dwells in the heart of a woman as it makes them look gorgeous and stunning. Thus women love to wear gold jewellery. We all know new gold jewellery posses the shine and glamour. As it becomes old it loses its original shine. There is no need to discard the old gold jewels rather go for a simple cleaning and gold polishing process. This would help to restore the original shine of the gold jewellery.

Prepare A Magical Mixture

The first step in polishing gold jewellery is to prepare a magical mixture which serves as a cleaning agent for the gold jewellery. It mainly includes baking soda, dish soap and water. Mix all these in a bowl.

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Soak and Scrub the Gold Jewels

The next step is to soak the gold jewellery in the magical mixture. Allow it inside the prepared mixture so that the ingredients do its magic on your jewels. After some time use a baby-sized toothbrush to scrub the gold jewellery. This would help to get rid of the dirt deposited in the jewellery. It is important that you use the right equipment for scrubbing your gold jewels. Avoid using hard stuff as it can affect the beauty of the gold jewellery. There is no need to offer extra pressure when scrubbing the gold jewellery.

Rinse and Polish

Now use warm water to rinse the gold jewellery. This would help to wash off the dirt and the mixture used for cleaning. Make sure that you rinse off the baking soda traces from the gold jewellery as it may get deposited in the corners and surface of the gold. Allow the gold to dry. You can make use of a soft cloth or tissue to dry the gold jewels. Make sure that you do not scratch your gold during the drying process. Your old and dull gold would now look attractive after this process.

The final step is to offer a polish to the gold with the use of a jeweller’s cloth. It can be sourced from jewellery shops and even from supermarkets. Just wipe the gold jewellery with the jeweller’s cloth. This offers a shine and glamour to the gold jewellery. For best polishing results wipe god with the jeweller’s cloth for at least two times.

The above are the steps involved in polishing gold.

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