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The best way to determine the purity of gold

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How to check the purity of the gold with the BIS mark?

Women often love to invest in gold jewellery. We visit our local jewellery showrooms to buy either gold or silver or any other kind of jewellery. Due to the increase in the online presence of some of the famous brands, it has become an easy option to buy gold online. One common question which all the people who have purchased gold would have come across is how to check the purity of the gold?

The government of India has created authorized norms which are technically termed as BIS or Bureau of Indian standards for defining the purity of the gold. The entire process, which determines the purity of the gold, is termed as Gold hallmark or the hallmarking.

People must check for the BIS logo on the gold jewellery before they purchase gold from any jewellery shop as most of the people use their purity indicators which are not verified by the BIS.

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All about verifying the purity of gold in Karat

The purity of gold can also be indicated in systems like Karat and fineness. Karat is also expressed in symbols like KT. The purity of the gold, when measured in Karat, is 24KT, which is also considered as the purest form of the gold. 24 Karat is so soft that it cannot be converted into jewellery, and hence certain other metals like Zinc, copper, and silver are mixed to make the gold jewellery.

What is the fineness of gold, and how to determine the purity of gold in terms of fineness?

One can also check the purity of the gold in terms of fineness number. According to the world council of gold, 24 Karat is considered as 1.0 fineness number, which comes by the derivation of 24/24. There must be some impurities in the gold. Hence the fineness number is determined as 999.9 as one part of the thousand is occupied by the dirt present inside the gold.

People should also make sure that they check the BIS hallmark and logo on the gold jewellery before they purchase any gold jewellery. Various laboratories in India provide the BIS mark, and hence people can also check for the BIS logo of the laboratories before buying the gold.

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