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Protection From Gold Tarnishing

A Human Hand Taken Gold Plated Jewels From The Storage Box.

Need For Using Gold-plated Jewellery

At present, Indian culture and tradition that believe gold as the sign of prosperity must change its view on buying gold jewellery for weddings and special occasions. With high priced gold, our cities and towns are slowly changing into unsafe places for women to walk around wearing gold even during the daytime. Gold plated jewelleries may save embarrassment during special occasions for women who don’t own gold jewelleries. When compared to pure gold jewelleries, gold-plated jewelleries will cost much less and good to wear for all occasions both at workplace and at home. Only one thing we need to take care of is to protect plated jewelleries from tarnishing due to exposure to heat and sweat. There are simple ways to follow to avoid gold tarnishing of your plated jewelleries and use them for an extended period of time.

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Taking Care of Your Plated Jewellery

Extra care must be taken to protect your gold-plated jewellery items from losing its lustre due to gold tarnishing. Gold layers on the silver jewelleries may fade or tarnish due to exposure to the sunlight or the air in the atmosphere. Gold tarnishing can be prevented by following some simple procedures.

  • Avoid using perfume spray after wearing your gold-plated jewellery.
  • Wait for your skin to absorb the cream or lotion that you applied and then wear your gold-plated jewellery.
  • Avoid using gold-plated jewellery during your routine exercise schedule or your swimming sessions.
  • Clean your gold-plated jewellery with soft cloth after use.
  • Avoid using jewellery cleaners or soaps to clean as it may lead to gold tarnishing.
  • Store your gold-plated jewellery items in a separate box or pouch after cleaning.

Following The Type of Care You Prefer

Regular care of jewellery items will help us to use them for a long time and also from gold tarnishing.

  • Store your gold-plated jewellery items in a jewellery box lined with velvet cloth or wrap them in soft clothes to avoid scratches.
  • Use a cotton cloth soaked in warm water to wipe your gold-plated jewellery to get rid-of dust or dirt.
  • Take hot water with a tablespoon of mild washing powder and dip your jewellery for a minute and rinse it in the cold water. Allow it to air dry.
  • To remove dirt in the corners or within folds of the plated-jewellery, soak the jewellery items overnight in a bowl of water mixed with few drops of dish washing liquid.

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