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Exciting stories of forever diamond and forever by De Beers

Closeup Shot of Beautiful Colored Crystal.

The countdown of the world’s most expensive diamond gems?

Everyone reading this article would be excited to know about the most costly diamond on this planet. In a recent survey of the top thirty diamonds, Botswana cushion which is a five-carat natural diamond and holds a worth of P3 million. The diamond became popular when prince Harry from Whales and actress Meghan Markle adorned their beauty on their wedding engagement in 2017.

The one-word diamond stands for synonyms like

  • attraction
  • strength
  • glamour
    fortitude and

Gifting a diamond ring symbolizes pure love in a relationship. All such marketing propagandas like Prince Harry’s engagement ring helped in the improvisation of the country’s diamond market and economy. The Botswana diamonds are something more than fantasy and promise to provide natural indulgence for which they are known for and buying intent.

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The rich heritage and trading reputation of diamonds in Botswana

The diamond suited well on Meghan’s finger and also belonged from Botswana, which is the second-largest diamond mine in the world, which offers expensive but pure and natural diamonds. Meghan and prince harry also played a crucial role in increasing the demand of the African diamond market in Botswana. The rind which Meghan wore on her engagement showcased socialism and environmental characteristics. According to business inside the Botswana diamond mining is environmentally friendly and certifies and accepts all the international mining standards.

The Kimberley process and certification
A new scheme called Kimberley process is a corporation between 81 countries that stand firm for the trading of the conflict-free or purely natural diamonds. According to the method, the 81 registered countries in the Kimberley process will not trade with the countries which do not approve of the natural diamond trading scheme.

Which is the best natural or synthetic diamond?

Every diamond event and exhibition many agents have to face a common question which is, the conflict between the natural and artificial diamond. The synthetic diamonds are cheap but only for fashion purposes and can never replace the rigidity, purity, and the shine of the natural diamond. The natural diamonds can live longer than the artificial counterparts and also charge less on polish and maintenance.

According to the statement of De Beer, coined in 1947 is “A diamond is forever.”

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