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Clean your jewellery to prevent gold tarnishing.

Professional Jewelry Maker Cleaning With Toothpaste And Cleaning Rug

The element gold is inherently corrosion resistant. Owing to its very soft nature, it is often made into jewellery with alloys of copper or silver. When exposed to forces of nature (and man) is the root cause for jewellery gold tarnishing. As time passes, jewellery starts to become an extension of ourselves and thus get exposed to chemicals of human hobby such as soap, detergent, lotions, shampoo as well as the natural elements of fun-dust and dirt. If the jewellery is to be shining forever, you have to maintain it and this could be done by easy, soft and unobtrusive methods. Let’s take a look at this inexpensive lifehack on how to do just that!

For Those Every Day Wears :

To undo the gold tarnishing, let’s get a few stuff from around the home, shall we?
Requirements: 20mL ammonia, 100 mL warm water, bowl, toothbrush, dry towel.
Now that you have the materials with you, let’s make a weak solution by adding ammonia into bowl along with warm water. One-part ammonia in six-parts water would be best. Take the tarnished gold jewellery and dip it in this while scrubbing with the soft bristles of the toothbrush. Be extra careful with this part, else it might scratch the jewellery. Once done scrubbing, rinse off with warm water to remove ammonia along with the grime. Use a soft cloth to dry it and leave it overnight to dry. Avoid using tissue paper as this might leave the jewellery with scratch. Once dried, wipe off with a soft and clean cloth and ta-da, your jewellery has time-travelled to the day you got it new!

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Let’s Take Care Of The Precious Ones :

Next is taking care of the gold tarnishing of jewellery with precious stones and other extra craftsmanship. Procedure is almost the same, just to mind that soaking jewellery in the solution may affect the work on the gold. And to avoid this, dip a cloth in the solution and wipe over the jewellery very gently. Next, get rid of the ammonia on the jewellery by dipping another clean cloth in hot water and wiping it. Finally, dry it with a soft cloth and let it rest overnight on a dry towel. Make sure that the stone and work faces downwards so water seeps away from it. Again, after drying wipe off with a soft clean cloth to have that embellishing shine on your precious jewellery.

Keep These In Mind :

The next worst thing to gold tarnishing is to damage it while trying to fix it! So please take care as to NOT let the ammonia solution stay on the jewellery for OVER A MINUTE. Keep the gold ornaments in soft bags or jewellery boxes away from sunlight and moisture.

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