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The ultimate countdown of some extraordinary events about gold

Various Gold Cubicles Placed On The Table.

All the interesting facts about gold in one picture

Gold has been in the trends since the rich history of Romanian and barbarian empire when kings and queens cherished to wear gold ornaments. Today people from the south of Asia and widely Indian women love to wear gold ornaments on a celebratory occasion. Even pretty brides from western culture love to wear gold ornaments in Indian style these days. Having read such lavish facts about gold people would like to know about the commodity, and hence we have brought all about gold along with some amazing facts related to its history.

Apart from jewellery, gold has a whole bunch of applications due to its durability and versatility in nature. From dentistry to astronauts need gold as a dangerous element to complete their projects. One more exciting thing to know about gold is it is the only precious commodity which is used in modern cell phones—each every current cell phone uses 1.85 US dollars worth of gold during its manufacturing.

Interesting facts to know about the gold

People who don’t know about the unique nature of gold are the only element found to date, which has a natural yellow colour. The other factors can also be converted into the yellow colour, but the scientist has to oxidize them for the process.

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How gold came to earth?

A long back or probably 200 million years ago the planet was bombarded with meteorites which brought gold with it.
facts behind the terminology of the gold

The scientific name of the gold is Aurum which has the symbol of Au and the word Aurum is derived from a Latin word which means the sunrise. The word gold is derived from German which Gulp and in Indonesian accent Ghel, which means the same as yellow.

One of the most interesting facts which most of the people might be unaware of is gold is one of the most malleable elements on the planet. A single ounce of gold which is 28 grams, can be stretched into a thread of eight kilometres. Gold can also be the best element as a thread in embroidery.

Can we eat gold?
Yes, we can eat gold. Gold is one of the most massive and dense metals on the planet. The thin pieces of gold which are scientifically called as gold flakes can be a good option to taste.

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