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Tackling Gold Tarnishing

A Human Hand Arranging Her Gold Ornaments For Preventing Gold Tarnishing.

Gold And Gold Tarnishing

Gold ornaments have their significant part in Indian culture and tradition to follow. Indian culture cherishes the importance of wearing gold jewellery, for it adds prosperity and wealth to an Indian family. Women adorned with gold jewellery are considered as symbols of wealth and richness of the family. So, maximum care is taken to maintain those gold ornaments not to lose its shine and lustre. Tarnishing is corrosion of the surface of the gold ornaments. Tarnishing doesn’t affect pure gold.

Tarnishing may be seen in gold ornaments made of lower carat gold, i.e., eight to ten-carat gold where the content of gold is 75% or less. Tarnishing can be caused by the presence of sulphur compounds in the air. Perspiration or sweat is also one of the common causes of tarnishing. Deodorant sprays or perfume may also induce tarnishing in gold ornaments. Acidic food items can also cause gold tarnishing.

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Preventing Gold Tarnishing

Gold tarnishing can be prevented by following some simple methods of cleaning.

  • Take care to store your gold jewellery in a bag or pouch made of a soft cloth and keep them safe in a dry place.
  • You can store your gold jewellery in a box lined with satin or soft cloth to prevent scratches.
  • Use a soft cloth to wipe any layers of sweat, tarnish films, or deodorant spray.
  • Remember to clean your gold jewellery after every wear. You must avoid using perfume, deodorants, or other sprays after wearing your gold jewellery.
  • Take the gold jewellery to your jeweller for a proper, thorough, professional cleaning.

Blackening Of Gold Jewellery

Blackening of 24-carat gold jewellery happens when it is exposed to a corrosive environment. Gold jewellery made of 21or 22-carat gold is prone to tarnishing. After analysis, it was found that the black layer contained sulphides of silver and copper. Gold tarnishing occurs due to exposure to sulphur compounds present in the spices and food items during the preparation of food in the kitchen. The black layers can be removed if the gold jewellery is given to the jeweller for re-polishing. Prolonged wearing of gold chains may sometimes result in a black smudge on the skin. Blackening on the skin is due to the presence of a corrosion or tarnish product on the jewellery. Constant rubbing of the gold jewellery on the skin may wear off the gold jewellery.

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