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Most Popular Diamond Shapes

Most Popular Diamond Cuts And Shapes Isolated On White Background.

What is so special about a diamond that makes us go crazy and fall in love immediately? Frankly, Diamond is a magical gem that captivates our hearts and attention with its scintillation, brilliance, and fire. The sparkling stone is more beautified by giving it shape by the jewelers.

Before one heads out to buy the precious gem, they must first understand the diamond shapes. To truly admire the beauty, the diamond shapes must be studied hard for its aesthetic qualities and how it can disperse light efficiently. Once this basic concept of a diamond is understood, any person can enhance its beauty and also complement the wearer’s style.

The raw diamonds are given shapes to give it an added touch. Let’s read in detail about the shapes of the diamond.

· Round Brilliant Cut is the best cut

The round cut is the best cut of all the shapes making it the most precious of all the diamonds. They are available in varied grades and sizes. It can also be altered to the buyer’s budget. The round cut diamond perfectly goes with all settings and styles and gives a classic and elegant look.

Round cut diamond are very much in demand for its beauty and also demands the highest price. The reason for the high price is not for its beauty and popularity but its wastage. Approximately 50% of a raw diamond is lost during the cutting process and so is the compensation price.

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· Cushion-Cut are the most favored choice for wedding rings

Cushion cuts are rectangular or square-shaped diamonds while the corners are given the round shape. These cuts are best known for their fire and have the amazing ability to sparkle high and right with showcasing all colors of the rainbow.

Though the cushion cuts lag behind the round cut, it is best for the budgeters. Its price value can be decreased to a very good extent by choosing the light yellow shades in diamonds. Cushion cuts are mostly fixed in four-prong settings and can be merged with split-shank, channel, and myriad.

· Princess-Cut is the modern version of round cut

It is the next popular in the diamond market, taking its place second to the round cut. It is famed for its brilliancy, affordability and light dispersions. It is also the next popular for the engagement rings and presents a royal look.

It shapes the pyramid with sloppy sides. It is best complemented with modern pave settings or bezel settings.

These are a few of the diamond shapes. There are more shapes available in the market and each has its beauty and uniqueness. Check out all the shapes before finalizing one.

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