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What is the Diamond Cut?

Beautiful & Shining Diamond Isolated On A Black Background.

Did you ever notice the number of diamond surfaces? The cut of the diamond presents how good the proportions of the diamond’s dimensions are, and how the facets and surfaces are positioned. It is only because of these, the diamonds create brilliance and sparkles. For instance, finding out the diamond’s diameter ratio when compared to its depth. Though these factors may be small it plays a prime role in determining the price and beauty of the diamond.

Wondering which diamond cuts are best? Read on to know more.

Diamond Cuts are best known to start from its budget.

It does not matter how much your diamond is? Whether you eye for a 16-carat diamond or 50-carat diamond, the only thing one wants from it is the sparkle.

Though the diamond buyers are well known for its 4Cs – Cut, Color, Carat and Clarity, one must understand that out of all the 4Cs, Cut is the most emphasized one. Cut determines the sparkle and beauty of the diamond. While taking the clarity of the diamond for example, even if it has the finest and flawless grade for clarity, it still will look dull and glassy if the diamond cut is too deep or shallow. Therefore, when shopping for the diamond, it is best to buy according to the diamond cut.

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Well cut diamonds are known by its characteristics

Good cut diamonds are best identified by its fire, superior brilliance, and Scintillation.

Fire, in terms of Diamond study, refers to light dispersion into the rainbow colors.

The brilliance here reflects the white light reflection.

Scintillation relates to the contrast play between the light and dark areas. It can also be called as the sparkle.

Difference between Diamond Cut and Diamond Shape

Diamond-Cut – It evaluates the diamond’s light performance. It is built on combined factors such as the Symmetry, Proportions, and polish.

Diamond Shape – It relates to the diamond outline. For instance, the round-shaped diamond is the most popular and brilliant one.

What is Diamond’s most expensive one?

When the talk is about the diamond’s cost, people mostly focus on carat. In reality, the prime focus must be on the cut of the diamond because the cut is what determines the price factor. The focus must be more on the cut’s depth and other related factors. The best-cut diamond is the Blue Nile and they are also the most expensive diamond because of its light performance and its amazing sparkle.

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