April 5, 2018
Jewellery Designs

Titillating Antique Jewellery Designs

Antique jewellery passed on from a bygone era is a treasure in itself. Many families keep their precious jewellery safe and secure in the hopes of passing it on to the next generation. As time passes by, these adored pieces of jewellery become antiques in the modern world. The emotions and blessings attached to each of these valuable pieces add sentimental value to the ornaments. In fact, many modern brides these days prefer to wear antique jewellery on their special day. Let’s take a look at some of the popularly seen antique jewellery designs: · Antique Bridal Necklace In the earlier years, Kings and Queens used to wear large necklaces made from pure gold. Since gold represents class, royalty and grace all rolled in one; it was one of the most preferred metals for making jewellery. The antique bridal necklaces of today share a similar pattern to the earlier days. According to the top Event Management Companies, most modern brides prefer to wear an antique bridal necklace for the main wedding event. According to the experts at www.thehindubusinessline.com/news/hallmarking-of-gold-jewellery-to-be-made-compulsory-from-jan/article9940910.ece, several jewellers these days create antique looking designs that are light weight and is perfect for special occasions like weddings. In fact, event management companies organize great trade shows where you can find the best antique jewellery which matches your taste. · Antique Polki Stones Jewellery Polki stones can be defined as uncut diamonds that are mined and used in jewellery without being cut further. Although polka stones have a raw look, they are quite expensive and valuable. Royal families in the olden days used to wear plenty of ornaments set with polka stones. Even today, antique jewellery set with polka stones command a very high price in the market. If you have been lucky enough to inherit a jewellery set with […]
March 15, 2018
best wedding planners in Chennai

The Upsides Of Hiring The Best Wedding Planner

Many families and couples themselves are quite excited about handling every single detail of the wedding themselves. However, practical hiccups for the family and the couples can make things a little tough, hence it becomes necessary to hire the services of a wedding planner – not just any wedding planner but the best in the business! Connections, Connections & Connections Just like how locations are important for real estate experts, local connections are an indicator for the wedding planners. For a Chennai wedding, the best wedding planners in Chennai can sync easy with all vendors and associates who would play their part in the wedding. No Time for That?! Hey Your Planner has it Covered! It is a daunting task to run through a series of florists, table runners, decors, caterers, etc. A good wedding planner has it all covered, saving you plenty of time. You Can’t Clone Yourself – Need Someone there who can Make your Decisions When you begin working with a wedding planner, they understand your taste and preferences and sync better with you. This helps them decide minute things and make decisions on your behalf while adhering to your whims and fancies – in short you are there without actually being there! Read More : http://www.jmjewels.com/titillating-antique-jewellery-designs/
March 13, 2018

Spectacular Gift Ideas For Valentine’s Day

If you spend every Valentine’s Day running around to get the perfect gift for your girlfriend or wife, it’s time to change the game this year. Valentine’s Day is almost around the corner. Find a special gift for your special someone to let her know how much you love and adore her. Here are a few interesting ideas that might come in handy in surprising your lady love this year: Stackable Rings Although jewellery is a common gift for Valentine’s Day, these gold stackable rings are out of this world. They can be worn in different orders or separately depending on the outfit.  When worn together, these stackable rings form an image that is in keeping with the theme of love Silver & Pearl Earrings Every woman on this planet likes being pampered with beautiful jewellery. Try gifting your valentine a pair of silver and pearl drop earrings to let her know how much you value her presence in your life. She will surely be speechless at your loving gesture this year. Gemstone Bracelet If your special lady prefers wearing arm jewellery, bracelets are a great idea. You can get her bracelets set with gemstones. You can even pick out a bracelet that is set with gemstones corresponding to her birth month. Gemstone bracelets often come in a beautiful bracelet box that can be used to keep your special gift safe and secure. Gemstone Pendant You can also get a gemstone pendant as a Valentine’s Day gift this year. Pick out a design that matches her style. Gemstone pendants are great for daily wear and will remind her of your affections every time the gemstones sparkle in the light. Animal Motif Jewellery If you special lady is an animal lover, you will not go wrong with animal motif jewellery. Many […]
March 7, 2018

The Cosmic Connection Between Indian Weddings & Gold

When you think of an Indian wedding, the first thought that comes to mind is colourful followed by gold jewellery. Indians are famous all over the world for their penchant to wear plenty of gold ornaments during the wedding events. In fact, a classic Indian wedding is said to be incomplete without bright colours, good food, music and gold jewellery. Although brides and grooms have a say in how the wedding will be held, they seldom seem to depart from the norm of plenty of gold ornaments for the wedding The bride and the guests alike like to adorn themselves in sparkly gold ornaments that will give even the celestial stars a run for their money. If you are still wondering why Indians place so much importance on gold jewellery, here are a few pointers: Gold is believed to bring forth the blessings of the Goddess Lakshmi on the newly wedded couple on their special day. This religious belief causes many Indian brides to make sure she wears gold to avoid missing out on getting these special blessings. The security offered by gold is one of the reasons why the bride’s parents ensure that their little girls have plenty of it. This way, the new couple can have an easy start in their new life together as one. The way gold sparkle is more than enough motivation for a bride to pick out fabulous pieces of gold jewellery for her special day. Since gold is considered to be an auspicious metal in the Indian subcontinent, even the guests at the wedding will adorn themselves with their favourite gold trinkets. This is one of the reasons why jewelleries do plenty of brisk business in India. With new designs and patterns emerging every season, Indians are spoilt for choice these days. Since […]