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Diamonds Always Remain the Favorite Trend

Luxury Diamond and Diamond Rings on display.

Someone rightly said ‘Diamonds are forever’ which now are more so ‘Diamonds are for everyone and everything while being forever’. These precious stones bring the most beautiful finish to any outfit, from a gown to denims, from an occasional wear to everyday wear. In the world where accessories are a trend, shoes and bags are always in the mix, but the jewellery is always the top accessorial choice.

The precious stone stands out to show its beauty in some of the recent trends and styles that one can’t get enough of.


Personalization is not a new found trend, but has a life of its own. From individual initials to names, on necklaces, rings or bracelets, the piece becomes unique special and personal. It is the ultimate jewellery statement.

Multi-Color Precious Stones

Make a choice for earrings or rings, multicolored stones work beautifully in close quarters. These precious stones in different hues make for that extra oomph. Stacked display makes a better choice for the loosely decorated necklaces for this trend.

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Manipulated Metal

‘Squished Gold’ is how the manipulated metal is popularly known, but makes it to the top spot of the trend. The standard platinum and white gold will always have its share of the market. However, when the yellow metal is lightly manipulated it gives it a different look. In the recent past individuals love metal in hues of yellow and rose.

Nautical Inspired Themes

Precious stone designs are sometimes known to be nautically themed. The use of pearls, anchors, shells and starfish have been a part of jewellery making and design for ages. They are often handed out as gifts by people, or are picked up as souvenirs from trips.


Two different shapes or two different pieces, asymmetrical jewellery is dominating the space of trends for precious jewellery. The best way to make it a trend is by buying a pair of earrings with the slightest difference in the design. The thumb rule to go asymmetrical is to keep the material and colour the same and make the difference in length, details or shape!

Embellished Huggies

The tight hooped earrings or huggies have been popular and have recently started to go by ‘keep it simple’ mantra. Encrusted diamonds, studded stones or a hanging solitaire, you can fit anything into your huggie.

So make yourself a classic or vintage piece of jewellery, or keep yourself trendy, there’s no such thing as too much when it comes to diamonds!

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