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Gold Jewellery Cleaning At Home

Transformation Of Gold Jewelry From Old To New - After Cleaning.

Maintenance Of Your Gold Jewellery

Cleaning your gold jewellery at home is simple and easy. Gold jewellery cleaning can be done with simple methods with minimum cleaning materials. It will help you to keep your gold jewellery safe and prevent it from tarnishing. Your gold jewellery may be 24 karats or 22 karats or 18 karats. Pure gold jewellery is always 24 karats. If your gold jewellery is less than 24 karats, it indicates gold is mixed with other metals to strengthen its durability. As gold is a soft metal, it can be affected by scratches. If the gold is mixed with more than ten parts of alloy, it will increase the longevity of the gold jewellery.

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Easy Method to Clean Your Gold Jewellery

Preparing a gold jewellery cleaning solution that is safe for your gold and your hands is the first step to start your cleaning procedures. Your simple cleaning process must not tarnish or wear out your gold jewellery.

    • Mix a mild detergent in warm water.
    • Now add a few drops of ammonia to it.
    • Brush your gold jewellery with a small, soft toothbrush slowly.
    • Rinse the gold jewellery in warm water.
    • With a paper towel or a soft cloth dry your gold jewellery.
    • If it is brushing or drying your gold jewellery, let it be with gentle strokes.

Avoiding Hazards During Cleaning

As gold is a soft metal, the chances of getting tarnished are more. You need to avoid chlorine or soap for cleaning gold jewellery. A mild detergent is always right. But a body wash may allow accumulating layers on the gold jewellery while taking a bath. Avoid using soap with ingredients that you may not know. You must avoid using chlorinated water while bathing or cleaning your gold jewellery. Pure gold jewellery cleaning will not get it tarnished. But, most of the available gold jewellery items have a mix of alloy, there are chances of getting tarnished more. So, it is better to follow safe methods to save your costly gold jewellery. Cleaning your gold jewellery adorned with gemstones or diamonds may require the safest method to follow. Most of the gemstones that are available in nature are extracted and treated to get the shine. If you want to clean your gold jewellery fixed with gemstones at home, you can wash it with the mild soap mixed in water. This method is safe even for your gold jewellery with coloured stones.

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