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Exciting things to know about the popular diamond brands on earth

A Woman Wearing Beautiful Diamond Stone Ring.

Top five popular diamond brands in worlds

The first thing we would like to clear is there are no differences in the quality offering of diamond between a non-branded and branded seller as diamond is a commodity like gold and oil. The recurrent polish and skilled craftsmanship is what makes the stone precious. Due to the marketing cost of the branding companies are high, the same price is reflected in their diamonds. What’s more interesting to know about the diamonds is the market is increasing across the globe. Most of the wealthy people on this planet like to show-off their wealth by purchasing glorious pieces and hence the brands make the right use of such ideas and increase their diamond prices by praising the people from the wealthy community.

Let us overview some of the popular diamond brands on this planet.

1. Why does Harry Winston top the list?

The company Harry Winston is one of the oldest diamond sellers on this planet as it was established in the year 1932. The company operates in some of the top countries in the world, which is headquartered in New York City in the United States of America. It also ranks at the top as the company offers some of the best pieces of the diamond jewellery. The fact which makes the company special is every single diamond jewel manufactured by the company is completely different from the other. Hence, it is impossible to find two identical diamond pieces in their stores.

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2. All about Cartier

The runner-up in our list is Cartier which produces a wide range of diamond products from watches to jewellery for both men and women. The brand headquarters is present in Paris, France, and they have a total of 200 offline outlets spread in 125 countries across the globe. The company is famous for providing diamond products for all kinds of occasions.

3. Tiffany and Co

Americans would always be on the top when the concern is about offering luxury products. The headquarters of the company is in New York, America and is operating since 1937. The company is popular for its international presence and wide-retail activity related to the diamond products all across their firms.

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