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March 29, 2018

Top Jewellery Trends To Look Out For This Year

Every year, new trends and designs enter the jewellery industry to capture the attention of people all over the world. Designers often look for inspiration to be able to create innovative jewellery pieces that will captivate everyone. Here are a few of the predictions for the jewellery industry in the upcoming year: Brand Power Brand names will rule the jewellery industry this year. While many leading suppliers have tried staying out of the branding boom, it will not last long. Many leading suppliers have already started creating a brand around their products to help customers identify them quickly and give it a boost in the industry as well. Several companies have been harnessing the power of the social media to catch the eye of potential customers. The wide reach of social media makes it easier to introduce your brand to a lot more people spread out over different locations at the same time. Bespoke Brides Brides these days are more aware than ever before about how exactly they want their wedding look to be like. This has given way to customized jewellery in the recent years. Gone are the days of picking out from the collection that the jeweller presents them with. Many brides have taken to designing their own jewellery with hidden messages to incorporate a personal touch within their wedding jewellery. Interestingly, this trend has been catching up a lot among the brides of today. Savvy Shoppers Gone are the days when shoppers aka customers were not much aware of the latest trends or designs. With internet offering customers a way to keep up with the latest happenings in the jewellery industry, it is only normal for them to expect the very best when they set out to purchase jewellery. Customers are armed with knowledge pertaining to authenticity, […]
March 1, 2018

The Jewellery Trends You will See in 2018

Jewellery trends keep changing and this year is no different. Women are fans of jewelry is an open secret, but of late men, men too are catching up and are looking to accessorize their looks. This season accessory is the key according to designers and experts in the industry. Checking out the latest trends is also a great way to update your wardrobe, and even give it a fresh look. Here is a list of trends that you will see more often as the season rolls on. Hoops and shoulder-skimming earrings: The overtly big hoop earrings are making its comeback this year, but this time the shape is a little different, it is asymmetrical. The look on your ears is akin to wearing two different earrings after losing one of them. Many retailers are working on various versions of this, and you can hope to see them soon in a jewelry store. Many designers are specialists in mismatched earrings transforming your ear into a piece of art. It is going to be all about ears this year as per industry insiders. Dress your earlobe with drops that will touch your shoulders, this trend will look better with a cocktail dress, but with specific designs, you can also get more sober daytime looks too. Green is the color of this season: 2018 is more about going green, you can take it literally as well as regarding jewelry trends. Green or certain shades of green like the Avocado Green is going to be the next pink. The lime shades are also popular in this spring’s collections. You could think that a green revolution is going on as you can find great jewelry designs which include the bright Oloves peridots and emeralds. XL Necklines: Long thin necklaces with pendants reaching the navel is […]
March 1, 2018

Jewellery Designs: Source Of Inspiration

Designing, in general, involves a lot of originality, skill, creativity and a keen sense of observation following that with analyzing them subjectively and objectively. Jewellery designs is an art form which is used for ornamentation. A jewelry designer studies how to arrange the materials and things so that they can make the best personal embellishment for both men and women. Like all other designers, jewelry designers get inspired by various sources. But the best source of inspiration comes from art, music, literature, nature or even religion. Though there is abundant creativity, sometimes they are unable to express it as they do not know where and how to begin. All the designs come from a source of inspiration, and that influences the creativity and the design. But the most influential of all motivations for any is visual. Listed below are some of the sources for a design that is found in high abundance and can inspire to design better. History: History has influenced many things, it can be found in places like the monuments, museums, sculptures, paintings, etc. or read up in libraries or the internet. There are many periods in history where art was at the forefront which can give designers a great inspiration. There can be a mix of contemporary with modern with a reinterpretation of those historical art forms into an original and new design. Recent designs that you see from creative designers is a blend of those ideas. Nature: Nature has inspired many artists, painters, etc. It has birds, animals, trees and various other forms of life-based on which you can create new or duplicate forms. Nature inspires abstracts where original is combined with multiple other types to create a new one. By observing nature, you can get many ideas which can be turned into various designs […]
March 21, 2015

Beautiful Diamond Necklace set Designs with Weight